Reliable RF Engineering services since 2004. We build communications infrastructure & provide solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things.

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Line Sensor Deployment for Distribution Automation: Practical Deployment, Data Collection and Use Cases

Our Solutions

Remote Asset Management

TAV Networks offers a complete solution to monitor and protect remote substation assets.

Communications Modules

We could introduce street lighting here, or discuss another solution for the utilities.

Intelligent Networked Sensors

Get the most from your AMI Network with TAV Networks’ complete solutions for DA applications.

Our Services

Product Engineering

We have extensive experience designing communication and sensor equipment and we employ proven engineering processes that represent best practices.

Architecture Development

TAV Networks, Inc. is a leading RF and wireless technology consulting resource, in applications across the utilities, telecom and defense industries.

Project Management

We have an extensive history in project management and a proven track record of delivering projects on budget and within a specified time frame.

Network Design

We have experience bringing new network technologies and mission critical services to capital investment projects at market leading companies. From strategic consulting through smart grid network design and implementation.

Technical Training

We deliver essential training, when and where needed, from basic RF technology to highly customized training tailored to your specific needs.

Field Engineering

Our highly trained team provides field engineering and remediation services during network infrastructure project deployment.

Why us?

Proven Experience

TAV Networks has successfully executed projects for PG&E, BGE, BC Hydro as well as other major companies. We apply standard design processes as well as industry specific processes to manage your project and to ensure its success.

RF Expertise

We deliver radio technology and antenna solutions that match the needs of the application. We model and predict RF performance, conduct RF network design, manage radio system deployments, and address performance issues with our field engineers. We also develop and deliver complete products (proof of concept to full production).

Deep Technical Experience

TAV Networks has decades of experience in product design and network projects for the utility industry, broadband telecommunications, military/government applications, and aviation, Our engineering team has developed deep technical experience and expertise.

Smart Grid Expertise

TAV Networks has been delivering engineering solutions to the utility industry since 2004 and is at the forefront of the worldwide rollout of smart grid technology.

Superior Results

TAV Networks provides superior results within our areas of expertise, and more effectively than other well-known international management consulting companies. We customize our approach to meet your specific project needs, and our team works as an integrated unit, resulting in fast and efficient results.

The Go-To Network Engineering Firm

TAV Networks is THE RF network engineering firm of choice for power, gas, and water utilities and the entire utility industry, as well as in other industries adopting the Internet Of Things.