Our Services

Product Engineering

We have extensive experience designing communication and sensor equipment and we employ proven engineering processes that represent best practices.

Engineering Services

  • Network Architecture & Design
  • Systems Engineering
  • Product Design (Hardware, Software & Integrated Systems)
  • Design for Manufacturability
  • Product Verification & Testing
  • Failure Analysis & Root Cause Analysis
  • Field Engineering & Remediation
  • Site Surveys & Service Territory Assessments
  • Installation Oversight
  • Exception Investigation

Communications Technologies

  • RF Networks
  • Mesh Networks
  • Point-to-Multipoint
  • Point-to-Point Microwave
  • ZigBee (IEEE 802.15.4)
  • WiMax (IEEE 802.16)
  • WiFi (IEEE 802.11)
  • Bluetooth
  • VSAT
  • Sensor Networks
  • Licensed & Unlicensed Spectrum
  • FCC Regulation & Certification
  • RF Safety
  • Power Line Carrier Technologies
  • Telco & Ethernet Wired Networks

Architecture Development

TAV Networks, Inc. is a leading RF and wireless technology consulting resource, in applications across the utilities, telecom and defense industries.

In the utility industry we are currently working with Pacific Gas & Electric Company on their SmartMeter™ program.  Our involvement started at the beginning – advising PG&E as they developed plans and selected their technologies, guiding PG&E in vendor selection decisions, and we are currently providing field engineering during the implementation phase.

In the telecom industry our personnel have developed intellectual property and designed complete wireless communications systems for point-to-point, wireless internet and multi-protocol (voice and data) communication applications.  TAV Networks has worked on international as well as domestic projects.

In defense applications, TAV Networks worked with QuinetiQ to develop technology and capture major contract research opportunities for signals intelligence and electro-optic communication applications.

Our strategic consulting services include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Business Plan Development
  • Market Assessment
  • Concept Development
  • System Architecture
  • Pilot Project Planning
  • Project Scoping
  • Technology Selection
  • Vendor Selection

Project Management

We have an extensive history in project management and a proven track record of delivering projects on budget and within a specified time frame. Services include:

  • Project Scoping & Planning
  • Project & Program Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Earned Value Reporting
  • Project Risk Management
  • Program Executive Leadership
  • Program Team Recruitment
  • Team Building

Network Design

We have experience bringing new network technologies and mission critical services to capital investment projects at market leading companies. From strategic consulting through smart grid network design and implementation.

Technical Training

Classes, Training & Staffing

TAV Networks will train your team to anticipate and manage operational and deployment challenges within your RF network or system. We can deliver essential training, when and where needed, from basic RF technology to highly customized training tailored to your specific needs.

When appropriate, TAV Networks will augment our client’s staff with trained engineers, technicians and project managers. Services include:

  • Staff Augmentation
  • Certification of Personnel
  • Technical Training
  • Performance Evaluation

TAV Networks offers training programs for field employees, administrators, and executives regarding the issues and opportunities associated with smart grids. Our programs emphasize the “real world” aspects of deployment that are often not addressed in other smart grid training programs. We have been the training vendor of choice for Pacific Gas and Electric, Fujitsu, and other notable energy and power firms.

Current classes and programs:

Vendor Selection and Network Design for the Smart Grid

This program helps attendees evaluate their own regional characteristics with respect to deploying a successful smart grid network. The program covers network topologies with respect to  the challenges of geography, urban, and rural installations. The course trains attendees to evaluate the features of the products from various vendors to ensure that the products selected will match attendees’ needs for a smart meter deployment.

Policies and Practices for the Smart Grid

Organizations that deploy smart grids can require substantial changes internally regarding the policies and procedures of the organization. Adapting the organization to successfully manage a smart grid can involve changes within various departments at the field, administrative, and executive levels. This course outlines and discusses issues such as retraining and redeploying employees, smart grid administrative procedures, and integrating the smart grid within older programs and mandates.

Identifying and Solving Smart Grid Deployment Problems

While most smart meters installations are trouble-free, installations are subject to a host of issues and problems never before encountered by utility and municipal employees.  Radio interference, geographical and locale problems, and other issues may require remediation to achieve high-level network performance. Attendees learn how to prevent cost overruns and grid deployment delays by identifying trouble spots before they affect the network.

Harvesting and Managing Smart Grid Data

The benefits of installing a smart grid require back-end data harvesting, analysis, and management to be fully realized. This program covers tools, practices, and analysis methodologies to ensure that an organization gains the full benefits of its smart grid program.

Field Engineering

Our highly trained team provides field engineering and remediation services during project deployment. Currently, TAV Networks is providing solutions to the exceptions that have arisen in a current client’s 10 million radio unit deployment. Staff is available to go on-site, wherever the need exists, to assess and solve problems in real time.

Our field engineering team is analytical, dependable and can quickly assess and resolve issues that arise during deployment.  Services include:

  • Site Surveys
  • Installation Oversight
  • Network Infrastructure Design
  • Troubleshooting
  • Exception Investigation
  • Resource Coordination
  • Quick Response Dispatch
  • On-Site Firmware & Equipment Upgrades