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Mid-year 2022 Project highlights!

Jul 1, 2022

We started the year strong with completing work with one of our regular collaborators, PG&E, in December 2021. TAV completed an RF remediation design for PG&E’s Tropos network in Bakersfield, California. We performed laboratory tests on both the Tropos devices and their antennas, and then used these updated performance results to redesign and remediate Bakersfield network’s issues.

In June, we just wrapped up an 8-year engagement with Baltimore Gas and Electric. During those 8 years, TAV Networks provided Laboratory Testing, Field Engineering, RF Network Design and Optimization as well as Project Management to assist BGE with their 2 million Gas and Electric Meter AMI deployment. We feel very privileged to have worked with BGE, and thank them for 8 years of collaboration in our endeavors to assist with their meter deployment.

Our work with the Port of Oakland into Summer 2022 progresses well; we continue to advise and support their infrastructure projects, helping them replace outdated systems and update their processes as well as provide them with guidance on how to plan for the future.