UU 202: Line Sensor Deployment for Distribution Automation: Practical Deployment, Data Collection and Use Cases

DistribuTECH 2017


UU 202: Line Sensor Deployment for Distribution Automation: Practical Deployment, Data Collection and Use Cases

Monday, January 30, 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Cost for this course is $300.00


Jared Hafer
RF Field Engineering
TAV Networks
Jeff Teuscher
Asset Strategist
Dayton Power & Light – Asset Management
Joe Tavormina
TAV Networks Inc.


This course covers the practical aspects of line sensor deployment, radio communications, data management and the use of line sensor data in utility operations. It’s designed to give attendees a basis for planning and executing their own line sensor projects. This course begins with a short background on line sensors and explores a handful of use cases in more detail, including use of line sensors to bracket fault location and in calculated fault location and vegetation management. The instructors will present “lessons learned” from field deployments at PG&E and DP&L. The course closes with a discussion of line sensor data management, network security requirements and effective presentation of data to system operators. The important topics of sensor data backhaul, the use of cellular radio data services and RF coverage are reviewed with emphasis on both technical and business issues.

Who Should Attend
• Operations and planning engineers
• Asset managers
• Field network deployment staff
• Executives and managers involved in distribution automation




VoltSense™ Voltage Monitor

Affordable Power Monitoring Solutions

The TAV Networks VoltSense is a comprehensive hardware/software solution applicable to multiple use cases, where data is captured, sent to an Analytics Head-End and processed to support specific applications. These include fault detection and location, early detection of problems due to foliage incursion on powerlines, and power quality monitoring. Other applications are distributed energy asset monitoring and assessment of
non-technical loss.

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UtiliSat™ SatComs Solution for The Utility Industry

Affordable REMOTE ASSET Communication and Protection
Utilities with difficult to reach remote assets can now maintain reliable communications with these assets no matter where they are located. TAV Networks UtiliSat™ combines satellite connectivity with software, sensors and security hardware to ensure that you know how these assets are functioning within your network and whether they are safe and secure. Meters, substations and other remote assets located in even the most remote areas can communicate to your network with UtiliSat™. UtiliSat™ has you covered.

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TroveSafe™ Alarm System

TroveSafe™ Tamper-Resistant Alarm System

Asset and Wireless Security

Download the TroveSafe Data Sheet

Benicia, CA – TAV Networks, Inc., an engineering solutions company offering products and services for “The Industrial Internet of Things” has licensed the TroveSafe alarm system developed for truck cargos, shipping containers and secured storage units as a platform for future product developments. TheTroveSafe alarm prevents theft of valuable cargos by securing the outside doors with a tamper-resistant alarm system. TheTroveSafe alarm attaches securely to the doors, acting as a deterrent to thieves while also sounding an audible alarm and notifying the alarm owner wirelessly in the event of a break-in. The value of TroveSafe as a deterrent also enhances driver safety.

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