BGE AMI Deployment

TAV Networks has been supporting Baltimore Gas and Electric with their 2 Million meter AMI deployment since 2013. This project involves testing of equipment and firmware in BGE’s laboratory, field engineering for assessment of non-communicating devices, and maintenance and upgrade of communications equipment used for gas meters..  Special challenges include RF communications in high-density urban areas of Baltimore City.

BC Hydro AMI Deployment

BC Hydro engaged TAV Networks to evaluate their plans for build out of the 900 MHz mesh network communications infrastructure across their extensive service territory. TAV Networks subsequently supported management of the deployment, network acceptance testing, special RF network engineering in the most challenging service areas, and development of engineering and operational processes.

PG&E EPIC Distribution Automation Project

The California Public Utility Commission recently budgeted $30 Million for demonstration and deployment projects at California Investor Owned Utilities (IOU’s). The objectives of this program are to “install and operate pre-commercial technologies or strategies at a scale sufficiently large and in conditions sufficiently reflective of anticipated actual operating environments to enable appraisal of the operational and performance characteristics and the financial risks.”

TAV Networks supports several of the EPIC projects underway at PG&E. Line Sensors are expected to play an important future role in Distribution Automation, and they represent an alternative to more expensive distribution assets. The potential applications of Line Sensors include:

  • Remotely monitoring the operational status of hydraulic and other manually operated reclosers
  • Remotely monitoring substations that do not have SCADA and digital relay capability
  • Use as a planning tool to remotely monitor and report load
  • Monitoring the status of fuses on capacitor banks
  • Monitoring circuit balance at points along the distribution circuit
  • Potentially useful for monitoring vegetation growth, based on small interruptions or current fluctuations